When Should You Take Your Child To Disney?

When Should You Take Your Child To Disney?

If you ask 20 different people the question of when to take a child to Disney you will likely get 20 different answers and no one will ever give you an exact age. Regardless of their answer, if you are asking the question you are likely pondering through the following:

  • If we go too young will they even remember it?
  • I don’t want to spend all this money if they won’t remember.
  • I want to go when all our kids can enjoy it.
  • Will they be tall enough to ride everything?
  • Are there enough activities for a toddler?

I will keep this short and sweet. Ultimately there are a number of things you need to consider when deciding if your little is too little for Disney. To help you decide let’s look at the experience from their eyes. For the purpose of this post we are only looking at kids under the age of 10.

Less Than A Year Old:

Right out of the gate, if you only have one child and they are less than a year old you should probably hold off (unless you live in Florida) until they are a little older. The reason is everything mentioned above. They will not remember a thing and if you took them to see Santa and they screamed odds are they will do the same with the characters at the parks. Although they may recognize some of their favorite characters they see on television, they will not be able to comprehend what’s going on.

However like I mention here there are a good amount of rides you will be able to go on with your baby. If you are looking for a relaxed Disney trip with a few rides here and there and a lot of enjoying the scenes and indulging in delicious treats, taking a baby to Disney is a great idea. If you are looking for the baby to get something out of it don’t count on it.

2 – 9 Years Old:

This is what I would call your golden years (in terms of the realness factor),  a time when the park and the characters really come to life. Of course on the younger end you run the risk of them not remembering some of their trip, but when you see the look of awe, amazement and joy on their face it won’t even matter. Try to imagine that you are getting to meet your favorite singer or think back to the day you married your spouse and the immense joy and excitement you were feeling. That is what your child experiences when they finally get to meet their favorite character or when you let them have treats they can’t normally have at home. Taking a child to Walt Disney World at this age will bring a new perspective of the word joy to your life.

Practically speaking this is a good age because there is a lot that everyone can do. The average height of a 2 year old is about 35 inches. There are over 50 rides that have less than or equal to a minimum height requirement of 35 inches. That is a lot of attraction riding, show watching, and character meeting.

For a full list of rides with height requirements click here.

More Than One Kid:

Now, if you have more than one minion and one of them is under a year I say go for it. One thing I hold fast to is not compromising your other kids experience because you have a baby. If you are nervous about doing Disney with a baby, calm all your fears here!

Don’t worry, I’m not completely oblivious; I do understand that a Disney vacation can be expensive and you would prefer to wait until all your kids can fully experience the park. I totally understand this and you have to do what is best for your family. If your kids are close in age, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. However if you have a 10 year old and a one year old I personally would not wait until my one year old is 4 to go to Walt Disney World. By this time my 10 year old is 13 and although they will still have fun, the realness and awe factor is missing. A lot of them may even think some of the rides a for babies and just being honest a majority of your focus will be on the 4 year old because it is real for them.


Now that you have the facts you have to decide what is right for your family and your budget. The younger you take your kids the more real the experience is for them.





What age have you taken your kids? How did it go?

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