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How To Use The Shop Disney Parks App

Disney has made it easier than ever to bring Disney park merchandise home with you even when you are not at the parks. The Shop Disney Parks App allows you to shop for items available in the parks right from your couch. It is convenient for your lifestyle and bad for your wallet.

The app has [most] everything available for purchase on the app that would be available in the parks with a few exceptions. The reason this is so wonderful is because you don’t have to wait to get amazing park items, such as the new VHS tape journals that everyone has been going crazy over, (I personally have the Beauty and The Beast one and love it!) instead you can hop on the app and have them delivered to your front door in the matter of days.

If you have never used Shop Disney Parks App it is important to note it is different than the Disney Store App. The Disney Store App allows you a convenient way to shop items available at Disney retail stores, but not items from the park. Although sometimes park items make their way to the Disney Store app, it is not its main purpose. Regardless, both apps have Disney goodies and both can do quality damage to your bank account.

Shop Disney Park App Features:

  1. Locate items within each park.
  2. Order park items from your home.
  3. Scan barcodes of Disney items.
  4. Recommends other items based off items you are looking at.

Now, lets go through a mock purchase of an item that is available to buy directly from the app and one that is only available in store.

Before you begin head on over to your app store and download the Shop Disney Parks app if you don’t already have it. It will look like this:

Okay lets say you want to purchase a Beauty and The Beast VHS Journal that is available on the app. The easiest way to get to this item is to use the search bar. Make sure you type in journal and not notebook (it will not come up if you do). If you are looking for another type of item go ahead and type it in, i.e mugs, towels, cups, TsumTsums, etc. Once you type it in it should take you to a page like this:

Now select the item that you want. Once you do your screen will look like this:

You can now decide if you want to add it to your bag or find a store in a park to purchase it in. Since we will do an item later that can only be purchased in a store we will add this one to our bag. Once you click “Add to Bag” the little icon in the top right corner will have a number in the middle of it. When you are ready to check out click the little bag with the number and it will take you to your cart. If everything looks good, click review and purchase. From here you will have to sign into your account or create a new one. Once you sign in you will be taken to where you can input a payment method. It will look like this:


After you input your payment method, confirm your shipping address and your order will be on it’s way to you soon!


Now, some items can only be purchased at certain Disney Parks locations. Take this plate for example:


You can see that it says “In-Store Purchase Only.” With this item you will click on the button that say “Find On Map” and it will take you to a page that looks like this:

Click on the check marks to see where the shops are located. This particular item is located at Jackson Square Gifts & Desires, as well as Bonjour! Village Gifts. Since I am dreaming about Magic Kingdom, lets pretend we are there in the parks. If you zoom in on Magic Kingdom, a map of the park will begin to appear.Keep zooming in until you are able to locate where the shop is based on your current location. Looks like Bonjour! Village Gifts is right next to Gaston’s Tavern and behind 7 Dwarfs Mine Train.

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