7 Be Our Guest Restaurant Details You Must Know

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant appropriately located in Magic Kingdom’s fantasyland is a dining experience like any other. Debuting in 2012, guests are transported into Beast’s castle to enjoy their meal in one of 3 different rooms. Although this dining experience is one for the books, there are a few things you need to “know before you go.”

1. Breakfast and Dinner are NOT the same.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Disney Dining Plan

I know what you’re thinking, well no duh they aren’t the same. However what I am referring to is how they are classified on the Disney Dining Plan. During the morning and lunch hours this restaurant is a quick service meal and then transitions into a full sit down table service meal for dinner. If you are unfamiliar with the Disney Dining Plan head here for a quick overview. This is important to note because if you are on the Disney Dining Plan it will require a different credit depending on when you go.


2. You NEED a reservation!

This one really isn’t negotiable. Be Our Guest Restaurant is very hard to get into, so don’t expect to just walk up and be seated. Now don’t get me wrong this does happen sometimes, but do not bank on it if you would really like to eat here.  It doesn’t matter if you are there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; MAKE A RESERVATION. It happens to be one of the only quick service meals you can make a reservation for.


3. Make Advanced Dining Choices.

This feature is one of the neatest things about this restaurant and Disney in general. Once you have MADE A RESERVATION you can pre order your meal using My Disney Experience 30 days prior to your reservation date. This feature is for quick service meals only, meaning breakfast and lunch. Dinner is a typical sit down where someone will come and take your order. You do not have to make an advanced reservation, kiosks will be available to order on when you get there, regardless of how you order your food will be brought out to you.


4. One Restaurant Three Experiences.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Ballroom

Once inside the castle you will get to dine in one of three different locations: The West Wing, the Rose Gallery, or the Main Ballroom. It really doesn’t matter which room you are seated in as they all display their own unique charm and wonder. Keep in mind the Rose Gallery is only open during breakfast and lunch.


5. Try The Grey Stuff!

Yes, you read that right. You will finally have the opportunity to try The Grey Stuff. Pick up The Grey Stuff on top of a cupcake at breakfast or lunch. At dinner The Grey Stuff is served in a larger portion atop a chocolate shell.


6. You Can Order Alcohol.

This restaurant is one of the only places in Magic Kingdom that serves alcohol. So good news wine and beer connoisseurs, you can choose from 17 different wines and 6 different beers.


7. Communicate.

Like all Disney restaurants, Be Our Guest Restaurant will accommodate any food allergy or restriction that you have. Be sure to communicate with the staff when you get there to place a speciality order.


Have you ever been to Be Our Guest Restaurant? What did you think?


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