10 Ways to Add Magic to Your Next Disney Trip [for kids]

10 Ways to Add Magic to Your Next Disney Trip [for kids]


Disney isn’t just for kids, we all know that. Nonetheless there is something so magical about taking a child to Disney World. From the moment they walk into the park to the second they close their little eyes it is all real for them; the magic, the characters, the fun, the memories. Why not bring a little of that magic to your house? Why wait when you can start making memories now?! My philosophy is why wait, therefore I’ve come up with [what I think is] the best ways to add a little extra magic to the planning of your Disney trip for your little ones. Now don’t be fooled, these ideas are not just for the littles. They provide precious memories for you all as a family and may even get you excited for your Disney trip ahead.

Alright, now to the fun part!


1. Create a Countdown

This is one of the easiest ways to get everyone excited for the trip and there are countless ways to do it! Perhaps the easiest way is to grab an old picture frame, print out a graphic, put it in the frame, and then use a dry erase marker to count the days down. Click here for the one pictured.


2. Disney Money Jar

Grab an old mason jar or any jar with a lid for that matter. Take the lid and spay paint it any color you choose, use paint, Sharpie paint markers, stickers, or vinyl to put “Disney Money” or “Mickey Money” on the side of the jar. To add a little extra magic, add a drawer nob to the top. Allow your kids to put some free change, dollar bills, etc. in the jar that they can use to buy things when they get to Disney.


3. Include Them In Planning

This particular item doesn’t require any money at all. Simply include them in the planning [to an extent]. Although you probably know their favorite characters, ask them and let them tell you they want to see Cinderella or eat with Belle, or whatever it may be. This shows them that they are included and that they are getting a say. When you go to make dining reservations allow them to stand near the computer and “help.”


4. Tinkerbell

Now this I do not recommend in excess and more for younger children. However you’re the parent so do you. Every so often, tell them (or don’t) that Tinkerbell is coming to visit them. You can do this as often as once a month leading up to your trip or just one day the week before, but have Tinkerbell leave them something special. This can be a new shirt for the trip, a coloring book for the airplane or car ride, a note saying she is excited to see them soon, literally anything.


5. Pin Shopping

Pin trading is huge in Disney. Some people get serious, others do it just for fun. Obviously children air more on the side of fun. Before your trip go online and order a bulk set of pins that your child can trade on vacation. Allow your child to help in this process and when they arrive go through them and allow them to save any ones they want to. Click here to get more information on pin trading.


6. Bucket List

The closer you get to your trip sit down as a family and make a bucket list of things you want to do. Let each person in your family have input in the list. Include all things, places you want to eat, desserts you want to try, rides you want to ride, characters you want to meet, etc. If you have younger children ask them about characters they want to meet and all the fun things they will get to do in Disney.


7. Autograph Book

Create your own autograph book with your little. Tell them that by the end of the trip it will be filled up with all their favorite characters. There are many ways you can create an autograph book. You can go with the classic “book” with paper in it. However try getting a matte frame and letting your child write Walt Disney World on the top with the date on the bottom and then have the characters sign the frame in all different colors.


8. Plane or Car Goody Bag

On the day of your trip give your child a plane or car goody bag. Fill it with cheap items such as snacks, Disney themed paper, crayons, games, socks, etc. They will feel so special getting a present and it keeps them busy, which means less headache for you. The dollar store is a great place to go for all these things.


9. Disposable Camera

It may come as a shock, but you can still find disposable cameras. Buy a few for your kids and let them take whatever pictures they want. When you get home get the pictures developed and put them in a scrapbook with your child. This will be a great keepsake for them and for you.


10. DIY Shirts

Head on over to Michael’s or your local craft store and pick up shirts, tie-dye, and fabric paint. Spend an afternoon tie-dying shirts and making them special for your trip. Designs are endless so let them be a little creative!


Stay tuned to the blog for directions on how to make each of these crafts!

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