10 Necessary Disney Backpack Items!

How to Pack Your Backpack For Disney

Alright y’all packing for a day at Disney can be a little stressful sometimes. On one hand you pack too much and end up lugging around a huge backpack whose main purpose is hurting your back, and on the other hand you pack too light and end up having to spend money on things you don’t need. So what is the perfect balance? Great question, I have picked out 10 essential items you MUST have in your Disney trip backpack. Keep in mind these are beyond the essentials of Magic Bands/ park tickets, money, cellphone, etc.

1. Ponchos:

These are probably the most important thing you will pack. Florida is known for its sporadic rain showers; some lasting 5 minutes and others lasting 5 hours. Get caught without a poncho and you will spend the rest of your day soaking wet or standing in a store or back at the hotel waiting for the rain to stop. If you purchase a poncho at Disney it will cost you about $9 per poncho (with no guarantee you will need it again). That is almost $40 for a family of four! No thank you. You can purchase a pack of 5 ponchos on Amazon for $9. I value a poncho over a rain jacket for the simple fact that you can’t always predict the rain and ponchos take up less space.


2. Hand Sanitizer:

Disney is dirty, people are dirty, and kids are VERY dirty. I always keep spare hand sanitizer in my bag so we don’t have to waste time stopping at bathrooms to wash hands. Think about all the things you touch in a day, let alone at Disney. Sanitize up after firing lasers at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin or enjoying a classic and delicious Mickey’s Ice Cream Bar.

3. Portable Charger

We simply cannot survive without our cell phones anymore. They take pictures, help us communicate, and help us find useful information in an instant. Disney has capitalized on the convenience of these devices: you can use your phone to see wait times, book dining reservations, purchase souvenirs, and most importantly take pictures. Make sure to capture every magical moment by keeping a portable charger in your backpack. You can even purchase charming Disney portable chargers.


4. Advil

Alright, it doesn’t have to be Advil, but any pain reliever will do. Florida is hot and if you are not accustomed to the heat it is easy to get a headache. You also never know when a headache might occur or if  your joints might get sore. It is always good to be prepared.


5. Camera

Although this could be the biggest item in your bag (if you have a DSLR), it is the most important. Capturing memories at Disney is one of the best ways to remember and relive your vacation over and over again. Make sure your camera is properly protected in your bag. You will be taking this bag off and on often and you do not want to damage your camera.

6. Sun Protection

Florida is hot, rainy, and SUNNY!! No matter where you live you need protection from the sun. However some sun exposure is healthy, but getting too much could result in sun poisoning or even blisters. Make sure you keep a sunscreen stick in your bag, if you don’t like sunscreen try sunglasses and a hat.


7. Snacks

One of the best parts of Disney are the snacks and junk food you get to eat. However they can get a bit pricy when you are dealing with hungry kiddos who want to eat every five minutes. Maybe you’re not dealing with little kids, but walking around all day will burn a lot of energy and you will want to replenish it. I recommend packing a few Cliff Bars or Goldfish. Bring a box with you on your trip then throw a snack pack in your bag each day.


8. Bandaids

This may not be true for everyone, but I somehow ALWAYS need a bandaid! These are more for a “you never know what could happen” situation, but nonetheless still handy and helpful to have on deck.


9. Plastic Ziploc Bags

We already discussed that it rains a lot in Florida. This means it rains a lot at Disney World, besides the rain Disney also has a few water rides. Use Ziploc bags to protect your electronics, money, etc. while you are on water rides or if you get caught in an afternoon monsoon.


10. Miscellaneous Toiletry Bag

Alright, this one is mainly for the ladies. However it is still very important if you are a fella planning a trip for the family! My personal recommendation is to grab a small toiletry bag to put all these little extras in. The bag won’t take up much space and you will have everything you need. Some items to include: extra hair ties, tampons, Chapstick, Tide-to-Go Pen, compact brush (for the rides where your hair gets all crazy), Neosporin, and medications. If you don’t have a small toiletry bag, or just want a new one check out the MickeyandMandy Etsy page. They have adorable little cosmetic bags made out of fun Disney fabrics.


Another fun item I recommend is Crystal Light packets for your water. Water is free at Disney, so don’t worry about trucking around a water bottle when you can get a free cup anywhere! Packing for a day at the parks doesn’t have to be stressful or even painful! Stick to the basics.

What are some other items you like to keep in your bag??


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