Understanding The World of Tsum Tsums

What Even Is a Tsum Tsum?

Tsum Tusm. Sort of sounds like the noise a Daytona 500 car would make as it speeds past you. Nope, it is actually a small plush toy created by the Imagineers at Disney. If you ask me it’s an interesting title to give small stackable stuffed toys. However the name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning “to stack.” A Tsum Tsum is a small rectangular plush toy based on Disney characters that can be stacked on top of one another. These tiny creations have taken the Disney world  by storm. However, originally they were only sold in Japan it wasn’t until July of 2014, a year after the Japan release that they began to sell in the United States.

The standard size for a Tsum Tsum is about 3.5 inches (mini) in length, these are the ones that you see a majority of the time. They also come in medium (12 inches) and large (19 inches) sizes. On average, a mini size plush Tsum Tsum will cost you about $6. Today you can purchase Tsum Tsums of [almost] all Disney characters in plush for vinyl form.

   Yoda Tsum Tsum in three stackable sizes.
                                   Vinyl Tsum Tsums

There are over 50 different Tsum Tsum collections with each collection having on average 8 characters in each set. That’s a lot of Tsum Tsums!

Now, what’s the point?? Great question. The point is whatever you make of it. You could collect full collections, children obviously love to play with them, dogs like to chew them, and they make cute decor options (when used the right way). I can’t say for sure, but maybe one day they will be worth something (i.e. TY Beanie Babies).

Do you collect Tsum Tsums? If so which ones are your favorite?


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