10 Insider Facts About Spaceship Earth

10 Incedible Spaceship Earth Facts

Spaceship Earth- Epcot’s iconic 16 million pound geosphere opened it’s doors on October 1, 1982 and takes us on a trip back in time to see how technology and communication has changed through time. This gigantic sphere, commonly refereed to as “The Giant Golfball” by those who love it most, is a staggering 180 feet tall and has a 165 foot diameter. That means if you wanted to hit this golfball you would have to be 6336 feet tall. Spaceship Earth not only takes us on a journey through time, but gives us a glimpse into the future with an interactive ending to the ride.

It’s hard not to ride Spaceship Earth if you have ever stepped foot in Epcot, however after these 10 interesting facts you won’t be able to look at it the same!

  1. It isn’t the largest attraction at Epcot! – In fact the geosphere can be fully submerged in the main tank at The Seas! That’s right, the tank inside The Seas holds 5.7 MILLION gallons of water! Next time you walk under sphere keep in mind that it all can fit inside a huge glass box full of water. Crazy right??
  2. No props, all real! – The Imagineers at Disney could have [rather easily] just tossed in people and props from the time periods they were trying to depict, however that isn’t the Disney way. All of the people, artifacts, writings, etc. are all authentic depictions of their real counterparts. For example the hieroglyphics are literal translations from Pharaoh’s letters.
  3. Hey, that’s my face! – When Imagineers were constructing The Hall of Presidents it took a lot of time and money to make the molds for their faces. Fast forward exactly 11 years to the day Spaceship Earth would open stocked full of president heads. Now obviously hair color, make-up, clothing and other defining features were changed, but the same molds were used for the people in Spaceship Earth as were used for The Hall of Presidents. It’s a good thing they changed the features because it would be pretty strange to see President Lincoln as a cave man.
  4. That’s a big ball! The Giant Golf Ball is the largest free standing sphere in the world!
  5. It’s getting hot in here!  Spaceship Earth is not completely air conditioned. Air conditioning the whole building would be extremely expensive, so instead air cannons are shot only along the path of the ride. This means only 1,552 feet of the whole building receives air. This eliminates the heat and humidity for the guests and saves Disney a little money.
  6. What about the rain? Spaceship Earth is so intricately designed that even the drainage system can’t be seen. It’s no secret that it rains in Florida, sometimes for 5 minutes and sometimes for 5 hours. Therefore you would think at some point the sphere would drip. Nope! The drainage system funnels rainwater into gutters and then through underground channels all the way out to World Showcase Lagoon. That must have taken a great deal of brainpower to design that system.
  7. More Hidden Mickeys please! – There are [at least] 5 Hidden Mickeys! Now I won’t tell you where any of them are this time just know that there are definitely 5 of them.
  8. Flaws are beautiful. – The iconic geosphere is in fact not a perfect sphere, it is slightly oblong in shape.
  9. Leg Day! – The geosphere is held up by six legs. In order for the legs to support the structure they had to be driven 160 feet into the ground. If you added that distance to the height of the geosphere it would stand a whopping 340 feet tall!
  10. Precision in music. – The music you hear while riding through Spaceship Earth was no easy feat, Bruce Boughton conducted a 63-piece orchestra and 24-voice choir for this musical score. As you journey through time listen closely, you will notice that the music for each scene is an accurate portrayal for the era being showcased in terms of instrument use and style.

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