Character Highlight- Sulley: Monsters Inc.

Sulley’s Stats

Full Name: James P. Sullivan

Nicknam: Sulley

Debut: Sulley debuted in Monsters. Inc. on November 2, 2001


  • Mailman- Monsters University
  • Scarer- Monsters Inc.
  • CEO- Monsters Inc.


James P. Sullivan also known as Sulley  is the protagonist of the beloved 2001 Pixar film Monsters Inc. Sulley is brought to life by the voice of John Goodman in both Monsters Inc. and Monsters University (prequel to Monsters Inc.); the 2013 film that takes us on the journey of how Sulley and Mike Wazowski got to the scare floor of Monsters Incorporated.

According to the Disney Wiki Sulley’s birthday is August 17 and he stands at a staggering height of 7 feet 6 inches and weighs 795 pounds! He has blue hair adorned with purple spots, white curved horns and a long tail with spikes. Despite his scary attributes he carries a cordial appearance.

Sulley is the top scarer at Monsters Inc. and is on the verge of breaking the “all time scare record” when a little girl (Boo) accidentally finds herself in the monster world that is Monstropolis. Sulley who at  first is petrified of  little Boo finds himself taking on the role of her protector. He is determined to get her back to her “door” safely and without harm. Monsters Inc. takes us on the adventure with Sulley and best friend Mike Wazowski as they try to return Boo to her bedroom.

Sulley is portrayed as having many attributes between his two movies. He is seen as arrogant, vain and insecure at times in Monsters University as well as  nice, friendly, and brave in Monsters Inc. However I think he is most thought of for his selflessness. Sulley puts aside his success, friendships, and reputation to help a little girl get safely back to her bedroom. He stops at nothing to ensure her safety including being banished from Monstropolis.

Other films that feature Sulley:

Cars: Sulley made a cameo in the Pixar movie Cars during the ending credits. The cars of Radiator Springs are seen at a drive in movie theatre watching “Monster Trucks Inc.” His appearance features Sulley as a monster truck banished to the Himalayas during his search for Boo(mobile). Check out the ending credits from Cars:

Brave: Sulley can be seen carved into a piece of wood at the witch’s home in Brave.


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