A Candy Lovers Guide to Walt Disney World

First off Happy National Candy Day! If you didn’t know it was National Candy Day, you’re welcome. Now go get your favorite candy and enjoy every bite of it as you read about how to get the most and best (candy) out of your Disney Experience.

Disney World has many yummy treats, but did you know they have their own candy company? Yep, Goofy’s Candy Company is a candy lovers dream come true. Located in Disney Springs [formally Downtown Disney] they have every sort of sweet you could dream of from Mickey licorice to taffy, to chocolate covered marshmallows rolled in m&ms on a swirly straw. In true Disney fashion, Goofy’s Candy Co. goes above and beyond in the art of confectionary creations and immersing guests in the process.

Here is your unofficial guide to all things candy at Walt Disney World:

1. Snack Credits-Did you know you can use your snack credits for candy? And not just a piece, but a WHOLE BAG! Use that credit for Mickey licorice, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate coated rise krispy treats, sour Mickey heads, basically if it comes in a standard Goofy’s Candy Company bag you can use a snack credit for it.

2. Snack Trade Ins– Make sure to visit a candy shop at the end of your visit and trade in your snack credits for candy to bring home from your trip, I mean you already paid for it so mine as well use them. There is a plethora of options, you can even bring some home as gifts for friends and family.

3. Goofy’s Candy Co.- Disney Springs is home to Goofy’s Candy Co. where you can do everything from buy candy in bulk, to design your own sweet treat. My personal favorite is designing your own candy apple; chocolate and peanuts please. However apples are not the only option. Rice Krispies, pretzel rods, marshmallows, and even a gingerbread cookies are offered. This is a must do on your trip to Disney!

4. Design a Treat– Designing a custom Disney treat can get even the “Grinchiest” of people excited. You start by filling out an order form, pick your treat (apple, rice krispy, pretzel rod, marshmallow, etc.), then the dipping chocolate, toppings, and a drizzle. Once the form is filled out turn it in and watch the magic happen (literally). Glass windows allow guests to watch every step of their custom candy creation.

5. Goofy’s Candy Co. Menu– Here is a menu for Goofy’s Candy Company with prices. The items written in red indicate you can use the Disney Dining Plan on those items.